About us

ONCE UPON A TIME . . . . . .

Once upon a time, in the realm of domestic devotion, there lived a nurturing mother who possessed a boundless love for crafting beauty. Her family held the key to her heart, and she spared no effort to ensure their happiness. From the break of day to the still of night, she labored to provide her children with nourishment, cleanliness, and a meticulously ordered home. Each item of laundry was meticulously folded, and the fragrance of hot, home-cooked meals wafted through their dwelling at every mealtime.

Their residence, an aging abode, boasted a formal sitting room that remained untouched. As a youthful family, they found no purpose for this room, and over the years, it languished in solitude, accumulating dust and concealing a cache of boxes.

Throughout the years, the mother found herself surrounded by a circle of family and friends who served as steadfast pillars of encouragement. They urged her to share her splendid creations with the world, whether through videos or social media posts. Inspired by their unwavering support, she embarked on a journey, creating a YouTube channel known as "The Pink Room Company" (https://www.youtube.com/c/ThePinkRoomCompany), where she diligently filmed and shared captivating "Plan with Me" stories.

Yearning for a place to call her own, she cast her gaze upon the neglected, petal-pink living room. It was here that she envisioned her sanctuary, and so, "The Pink Room Co." was born. Everywhere she turned in this space, inspiration beckoned her to unleash her creative spirit. After tucking her children into bed each weeknight, she crafted weekly kits for her planner, recording the process for her videos.

As her YouTube channel flourished, so did the clamor for her enchanting stickers. The community eagerly inquired about their origin, only to discover that these works of art were her very own creations. Encouraged by this outpouring of support, she heeded the call to open an Etsy shop, a realm where her treasures could be shared far and wide. And so, her tale of creativity and love unfolded in a storytelling odyssey that continued to captivate hearts.

Welcome to ThePinkRoomCo. Come and get lost with me. . . .